Specialised in music production , Richard Meyer has worked with John "Mutt” Lange (producer of AC/DC, Muse, Bryan Adams, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga...) on music such as The Corrs, Britney Spears, Céline Dion, N-Sync and Shania Twain.

Working in many other fields such as post production (music for films, advertising...), entertainment (Art Center, Hanna & Barbera, Disney...) and sound design (“Platinium Award” by Future Music), he has developed Lunar Sound, a full creative service offering production, arrangement, programming, editing, mixing and mastering facilities using the best tools of both Digital and Analog domain and the most advanced technology to increase precision, warmth, panoramic and dynamic.

Based in Switzerland, Lunar Sound is a high-end recording studio running on a Pro Tools HD, fully modified by Black Lion Audio and Requisite with converters "outperforming the best sounding rigs by audio industry leader", prompted by the wish of Mutt Lange and top mix engineer Mike Shipley to surpass the sound of ProTools, adding depth of warmth while getting rid of ProTools's harsh mid-range frequency.

Lunar has been quoted among “the crack team of sound designers and engineers from Switzerland” by Apple for his work on “Apple Loops” and is working with companies such as Raymond Weil, Zodiak, Reuge, Lego, Mövenpick...

Equipment includes outboards from Neve (16 ch), API 312 (2ch), Neve 1073 BAE (2ch), LA2A... Microphones from Manley, Sony, Royer, Mojave, Shure to AKG. Plug-Ins such as UAD-2 (UAD-2 Studer, Ampex, EMT, Lexicon, Pultec EQP-1A, dbx, Fairchild, Neve, Helios, Precision Mastering, Shadow Hills, Manley Massive Passive, Space Echo, Dimension D, Thermionic Culture, Ocean Way rooms convolutions...), and TCE, Eventide H3000 among other effects. Ethnic instruments, Line 6 guitar and synths (Yamaha, Emu E4XT Ultra...).

Tons of synth libraries (EMS, Moogs, Buchla, ARP...) plus a unique library that regroups almost all existing sounds and instruments of any style and country, organized and classified for quick access to allow the creation of any kind of music production, post production and sound design in a very short time.